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Dark blue socks - large size (3 pairs)

Dark blue socks - large size (3 pairs)

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These almost black (but still really blue) socks are ideal with jeans or a dark blue suit. This is a beautiful gift with 3x Joseph in size 47-50. Ideal if you are looking for a nice gift for someone who lives big ;)

Never lose your socks in the wash again? Treat yourself to a pair of Button Right socks. You can connect the socks together with the button and buttonhole before you throw them in the laundry basket and you can be sure that they stay together!

These socks are made of the highest quality cotton, are not too short and are nice and soft on the feet.

Material: 100% cotton
Color: Very dark blue
Fit: mid-calf
Seamless, hand linked, reinforced toe and heel

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